In this blog we explain why we believe bite resistant clothing is of such relevance and importance to the personal safety of mental health care professionals, special educational needs teachers and others who, at times, work in a challenging environment.
Das Personal das regelmäßig mit Patienten zusammen arbeitet, die häufig von psychiatrische Erkrankungen (Persönlichkeitstörung, Abhängigkeit, psychotische Symptome) leiden, bestätigt, dass Angriffe durch menschliche Bisse relativ häufig in ihrem Arbeitsalltag vorkommen.
BitePRO Bite Resistant Clothing is effective in protecting special educational needs teachers (SpecEd, SpEd or SPED) as well as mental health care professionals and specialists within high secure hospitals from human bites.

How To Tell if a Human Bite Wound is Infected

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Human bites are the third most commonly treated bites after those inflicted by dogs and cats. Just like a bite from an animal, these can lead to a nasty infection and other complications if not properly treated.
Just how important is job satisfaction when it comes to our mental health? Clearly there’s a relationship between the two and identifying those sources of dissatisfaction could be the path to greater wellbeing.
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