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Anti-Ligature Clothing

Designed for Safety, Comfort and Recovery

STRONGTEX anti-ligature clothing has been designed to enhance individuals' safety by helping prevent the clothing from being torn and used as a ligature while simultaneously offering an exceptionally high level of comfort to promote the wearer's wellbeing, dignity, and recovery. 

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Magnified image of STRONGTEX Fabric showing the complex and technical structure in anti-ligature clothing


Advanced Safety Through Technical Precision

The foundation of STRONGTEX anti-ligature clothing’s durability and safety is in the fabric’s structural strength. Developed through technical innovation, the fabric is engineered to resist tearing and unravelling, which helps prevent the garments from both being torn and picked apart. This structural strength is not just a product of the material itself but of the complex way in which the fabric is knitted, creating a garment that is extremely durable yet comfortable against the skin. STRONGTEX fabric is inherently fire retardant and can be washed at thermal disinfection temperatures at 71°C, ensuring the garments can be sanitised effectively.

Uniting Safety and Comfort

Enhancing Wellbeing in High Stress Situations

Understanding the profound impact comfort has on individuals in high-stress environments, STRONGTEX anti-ligature clothing is crafted to feel familiar and comfortable. This balance of safety and comfort helps maintain the wearer's dignity and supports their recovery, aiming to alleviate distress, agitation and consequently reduce behavioral disturbances in likely distressing environments.

Two hands feeling the soft and comfortable smooth finish inner of STRONGTEX anti-ligature clothing

Patients in a seclusion setting wearing anti-ligature clothing for enhanced safety

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