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BitePRO® Protective Clothing for Special Needs Parents

At BitePRO®, we supply protective clothing to numerous special education schools around the world. However, we also understand the needs and challenges of parents who have children that exhibit challenging behavior. BitePRO® Clothing ensures personal safety, allowing parents, caregivers, and teachers to focus on care without compromising on personal safety.

Tick Icon  Peace of Mind: Ensures safety, allowing focused, stress-reduced caregiving.

Tick Icon  Enhanced Wellbeing: Promotes a healthier caregiving environment by reducing the fear of injury.

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BitePRO® Fabric

BitePRO® Fabric is crafted to protect you from injuries that can occur due to challenging behaviors. It has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of safety, meeting EN 388:2016 standards and achieving the top ratings (Level 4) for puncture and tear resistance.


While ensuring your safety is our primary concern, we also believe that comfort should not be overlooked. The comfort of protective clothing is crucial, especially when managing challenging situations at home.



BitePRO® bite resistant clothing is designed to minimize the chance of overheating through the use of breathable material. This feature ensures that you, as a parent, can stay cool, calm, and collected, even in challenging moments.

Comfortable Protection: The BitePRO® Turtleneck Jacket

The BitePRO® Turtleneck Jacket: Designed for comprehensive upper body protection from injuries that can occur when caring for someone with challenging behavior. Made with our protective BitePRO® Fabric, it covers the upper torso, neck, arms and hands. It's comfortable, functional, and offers comprehensive safety, letting you focus on caring for your loved one with confidence.

Tick Icon  Discreet Protection: Designed to look like everyday clothing to maintain normalcy.

Tick Icon  Lightweight and Breathable: Ensures comfort during extended wear.

Tick Icon  Easy to Clean: Machine washable up 40º Celsius (104º Fahrenheit).

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Behind the Design: The BitePRO® Turtleneck Jacket Features

Tick Icon  High Zip-Up TurtleneckOffers  protection for the neck, a particularly vulnerable area, ensuring peace of mind during close interactions.

Tick Icon Integrated Hand ProtectionShields the hands, safeguarding tendons and ligaments from injuries, while maintaining the ability to comfortably perform daily tasks.

Tick Icon ThumbholesKeep sleeves securely in place, providing consistent protection and comfort, even during active or challenging moments.

Tick Icon Lightweight and BreathableDesigned for comfort, this jacket ensures you stay cool and calm, facilitating focus on care tasks without feeling weighed down.

Tick Icon  Versatile LayeringCan be worn over personal clothing or paired with other BitePRO® items, such as gloves

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Why BitePRO® Protective Clothing?

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Peace of Mind in Daily Care

Caring for a special needs child comes with unique challenges. BitePRO® equips you with protective wear that eases worries about personal injury, letting you focus fully on providing loving, attentive care to your child.

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Enhanced Personal Safety

Your safety is just as important as your child's. BitePRO® clothing offers robust protection against bites, scratches, and pinches, allowing you to engage confidently and safely in close interactions with your child.

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Long-Term Wellbeing

Regular exposure to physical aggression, even in a caregiving setting, can take a toll. By protecting yourself with BitePRO®, you’re investing in your long-term health and well-being, ensuring you're there for your child today and in the future.

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Creating a Calmer Home Environment

When you feel safe and secure, it reflects in the home atmosphere. BitePRO® clothing helps create a calmer, more positive environment, beneficial for both you and your child. It's about nurturing a space where everyone feels secure and at ease.