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Customer Feedback

David Watts, Director of Risk and Safety at Priory Group (UK)

Whilst we are in the fortunate position to only need to use BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing in rare circumstances, when it has been used, we have received very favourable feedback. I am absolutely certain that the use of this equipment has helped to avert serious incidents and serious injury many times.

Special Needs Coordinator for Transportation at Greenville County Schools (USA)

In my capacity as Special Needs Coordinator I have been using, to excellent effect, BitePRO® products for several years now – most notably their bite resistant arm guards – in my work with pupils with a tendency to exhibit challenging behaviours, particularly biting, scratching, grabbing, squeezing and pinching. I highly recommend BitePRO® products to my colleagues and other associates in the specialist education and transportation sectors, and I urge anyone challenged with safeguarding the welfare of special needs personnel to consider them too.

Sherria L. Carel, Severe-Profound Educator at Bridge Creek Public Schools (USA)

…for 3 1/2 years we were getting injured at least twice a week and were looking at another placement for this student. Now, I feel confident that we can complete his education process and assist family in continuing behaviour management safely as well. As for the BitePRO® jackets, I am astoundingly impressed. On a scale from 1 to 5, this product receives a 10! The bite resistant clothing has also assisted in the confidence and safety of my aides who deal with some other students who are not so aggressive but can be. Your products delivered every aspect as they advertised, and my team and I are safer for them. Thank you for such a great product not only are they protective but stylish as well to not draw attention to the students we are working with in our High School.

Jill, Health Risk Manager (from one of Ireland's leading Care Providers)

Being privileged to support some of the most challenging and vulnerable individuals, it is paramount that we are able to provide safety equipment to ensure the safety of all team members. BitePRO’s products have provided protection from bites and scratches which gives peace of mind to team members to allow them to provide the vital support the individuals require. Other BitePRO products with added protection can also provide protection against strikes.

All products are comfortable which allows for long wear use which is essential to provide a safe and quality service.

BitePRO have provided advice and support with bespoke products on a need’s basis. We use the products daily and have prevented multiple injuries to team members.

‘Barry’, Psychiatric Nurse (USA)

I think that BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing is very much needed for acute psychiatric nurses and carers who are often the victims of all types of assault, including biting, scratching or pinching. After working for the last ten years as a psychiatric nurse, I have seen all sorts of staff directed violence. Oddly, it has become accepted by the industry and management as “part of the job”. Management tries to create a belief that they care about staff assaults, but their actions (or lack thereof) speak louder than words.

I was at the Psychiatric Nurses Association conference in New Orleans last year and saw these very interesting products, ideal when containing patients during periods of out-of-control violent agitation.