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About BitePRO®

BitePRO® is a highly acclaimed brand of protective clothing, protecting special educational needs teachers, mental health care professionals, and others at risk of being bitten by another human. BitePRO® is dedicated to the development and supply of bite resistant arm guards and clothing.

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Human bites are relatively frequent in the mental health care sector as well as education facilities specialised in special educational needs.

Our consultants here at BitePRO® are frequently receiving emails and telephone calls of professionals speaking openly about their concerns, fears and recent bite incidents within their work environment.

The risk of injury, infection and subsequent trauma is real and BitePRO® is offering a great range of protective clothing specifically designed to reduce or even erase some of these concerns.

Please contact us in case you wish to read some extremely interesting testimonials from some of your well-respected colleagues around the world, or simply view our full product list.

Please feel free to contact my team in case you have any questions However, please note you will find answers to most questions you might have on our above highlighted website and dedicated product pages.

Take good care of yourself.

Robert Kaiser, CEO
PPSS Group / BitePRO®

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