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About BitePRO®

We at BitePRO® are dedicated and extremely passionate about the personal safety of our healthcare workers, education professionals, psychiatric social workers and others who work with individuals displaying challenging behaviour.

We have also conducted an international survey and gathered all findings and information. Our comprehensive survey report is available now. Our expert blogs are also full of invaluable information, again, aiming to help others to be safe whilst doing the job they love.

Our innovative brand of protective clothing has specifically been designed to protect you and other professionals from challenging behaviour injuries. That behaviour includes biting, scratching, pinching, kicking and worse.

  • We work closely with our customers to continually develop and improve our range to adapt to the needs of the individual and organisation.
  • We are based in the UK but ship worldwide and support customers with needs from a single item up to hundreds of garments.
  • We design and manufacture our own products using our very own high performance cut and bite resistant fabric, which offers extremely high levels of bite, cut and tear resistance.
  • Our products are all machine washable, comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and they are latex free.
  • The quality and value of our products is unparalleled with garments lasting for several years with the correct care and maintenance.

The product range includes:

Biting, scratching and pinching are relatively frequent occurrences in special education, health and social care settings worldwide. Especially when the individual has complex needs, learning disabilities and is displaying challenging behaviour.  Our protective garments specifically reduce the risk of the skin being broken while added protection products reduce the associated pain, bruising and blunt force trauma.

The BitePRO® team are on hand to answer all your questions, offer video demonstrations and make specific products recommendations based on your individual needs and circumstances. Get in touch.

Take care

Robert Kaiser, CEO