BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing

BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing is a range of protective clothing, designed to protect you from human bites.

Those working within mental health care, special educational needs schools, psychiatric units or other similar environments face a realistic risk of being bitten by another human. This is why our garments are made from our very own high-performance Cut-Tex® PRO fabric.

This incredible fabric effectively helps prevent teeth from breaking the skin.  It reduces the risk of serious injury, infection and trauma associated with human bites.

We have already offered hundreds of professionals, health care workers and teachers peace of mind.  BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing enables them to continue providing the best possible support and care.

Our 'product gallery' is highlighting the great range of garments we can offer you, and please be assured the order process is made as easy as possible.

Please read our CEO’s article, titled: “Reports of Human Bites Incidents Leads To Growing Demand For Bite Resistant Clothing”:

By letting BitePRO® take care of the risks, you can concentrate on what matters most.


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