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Reducing Australian healthcare and education professionals’ risk of challenging behaviour-based injuries

BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing has specifically been designed to reduce the risk of both workplace and challenging behaviour-based violence, faced by countless of nurses and healthcare professionals, as well as special education teachers and other education professionals in Australia.

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Australian nurse wearing BitePRO Version 1 arm guards with added protection and bite resistant gloves

Healthcare professional wearing a bite resistant jacket

Balancing Healthcare Workers Duty of Care and Personal Safety

The Australian healthcare sector is facing a growing challenge of violence against nurses, prompting urgent calls for enhanced protection and safety measures. The Australian College of Nursing warns nurses see violence every day, with their Chief Executive Kylie Ward stating: “"There's not a nurse that I've spoken to anywhere in my travels that hasn't experienced some sort of occupational violence.”

BitePRO® Clothing offers a versatile range of applications within the healthcare sector, significantly mitigating the risk of injuries to healthcare workers. The range enhances staff safety in various situations, including crisis interventions, the management of individuals exhibiting challenging behaviors, the administration of medication, and other close-contact situations.

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Protecting Teachers from Challenging Behavior Injuries

School violence is escalating at an alarming rate with teachers around Australia reporting incidents against them, with former secondary school principal Tracy Tully stating she is getting reports from teachers who are being assaulted up to 12 times a year. The risk of injury is heightened for special education teachers as the students they manage may exhibit challenging behaviour in the form of biting, scratching and further aggression.

By equipping special education professionals with BitePRO® garments, schools can significantly reduce the risk of injuries, allowing teachers to focus on delivering high-quality education and support to students with special needs.

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Special Education teacher wearing bitepro arm guards in a classroom