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Protecting Canada’s healthcare and education professionals from challenging behaviour-based injuries

Specifically created to reduce the risk of both challenging behaviour-based violence and workplace violence, BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing is especially aiming to protect nurses and healthcare professionals, as well as special education teachers and other education professionals in Canada.

Tick Icon  Protective Clothing Specifically Designed to Protect Education and Healthcare Staff: BitePRO® Clothing was developed in close collaboration with these sectors to ensure the Clothing is dependable and functional.

Tick Icon  Designed to be Comfortable and Functional: BitePRO® offers protective clothing that is both effective and comfortable, ideal for staff who are unaccustomed to wearing protective clothing.

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Healthcare professional wearing BitePRO Version 1 arm guards for bite protection

Increasing Healthcare Worker Physical Protection across Canada

The CCOHS website on the topic of healthcare worker safety clearly states that assault towards health care workers is Not "Part of the Job". However, The Canadian Federation of Nurses Union 2023 Member Survey revealed some alarming statistics on the safety and state of nursing in Canada:

64% of nurses experienced physical abuse from clients. 

51% of nurses who experienced a form of violence are dissatisfied with their current job.

42% of nurses said they were going to leave their job, the profession or retire.

How BitePRO® Clothing is helping Canadian healthcare organzations:

Tick Icon  Strengthening Workplace Violence Prevention Programs: BitePRO® Clothing integrates seamlessly into your existing safety measures.

Tick Icon  Risk Mitigation: BitePRO® Clothing aids in mitigating the risks of managing challenging, volatile and severe behavior.

BitePRO®: Protecting Canadian Educators from Violence and Challenging Behaviour

The trend of rising student violence in Canadian educational institutions is indicative of a pressing national issue with a concerning pattern across provinces:

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (2023): 77% of members have experienced or witnessed violence against staff. This number is increased to 86% for members who work in special education.

Nova Scotia Teachers' Union Survey (2023): 92% of respondents witnessed or experienced violence in schools.

Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (2023): 35% of survey respondents said they have experienced violence in their working environment in the last five years, up from 29% in 2021.

How BitePRO® Clothing is helping Canadian Schools Better Protect Their Teachers:

Tick Icon  Mitigating Injury Risk from Challenging Behavior: BitePRO® offers educators specialized protective  clothing to guard against common injuries.

Tick Icon  Better Looking After Teacher Well-being:  BitePRO® Clothing helps promotes staff safety, aiding retention and boosting school reputation.

Special Education teacher wearing bitepro arm guards in a classroom


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