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2020: An Unpaid Carer Epidemic in the UK

An infographic explaining the impacts of the pandemic on Carers.

We want to help Carers

As part of our mission to support the carers of individuals exhibiting challenging behaviours, we are on the lookout for additional sources of funding available to our customers. This is especially important during this period of upheaval as we head out of lockdown, which could exacerbate existing conditions prone to challenging behaviours such as biting, scratching, and nipping.

To support those affected, we are offering a 10% discount and international free shipping on our bite resistant garments.

We want to hear from you

If you're eligible, get in touch via Facebook or Instagram.

Furthermore, if you are a member of a carer's association and would like us to extend this discount to your members, please contact us. Thank you to Carers UK, The Health Foundation, and The Challenging Behaviour Foundation for your continued work raising awareness of funding and quality of life issues for carers.