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The 2022 BitePRO® Whitepaper

BitePRO® knows how misleading and misused the term 'challenging behaviour' can be. Our intention with this survey and whitepaper is to better understand challenging behaviour from the viewpoint of those who are at risk of injury from it. We see injurious behaviour as any behaviour that results in someone causing physical harm to others and/or themselves. Our approach to this was to speak to people with first-hand experience of this behaviour globally and to get their thoughts and insight. Throughout this document and the process of creating it, we use the term ‘challenging behaviour’ in its original sense. This is to encourage carers and professionals to find effective ways of understanding a person’s behaviour and its underlying causes and to get appropriate personalised support. 

Challenging behaviour can include tantrums, biting, hitting or kicking other people, throwing things or self-harming. Behaviour that challenges can be very distressing for the individual and those around them. Family members, educators, carers, medical professionals and a huge range of support staff witness challenging behaviour regularly, yet it is something that the general public seems largely unaware of. With this document, we aim to raise awareness of challenging behaviour injuries in the workplace and provide a resource for those at risk 

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