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2022 BitePRO® Survey Report On Challenging Behaviour Injuries

Our intention with this survey and subsequent report was to help others better understand challenging behaviour injuries. For this reason, we connected with professionals around the world, who have first-hand experience of this behaviour to get their insight. 

Throughout this document and the process of creating it, we use the term ‘challenging behaviour’ in its original sense. This is to encourage professionals to find effective ways of understanding a person’s behaviour and its underlying causes, and to provide appropriate personalised support.  

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Challenging behaviour can include tantrums, biting, hitting or kicking other people, hair pulling, throwing things or self-harming. Behaviour that challenges can be very distressing for the individual and those around them. 

Educators, carers, medical professionals, family members and a huge range of support staff witness challenging behaviour regularly, yet it is something that the general public seems largely unaware of.  

With this document, we aim to raise awareness of challenging behaviour injuries in the workplace and provide a resource for those at risk.

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About the Author

Robert Kaiser is the Founder and CEO of BitePRO®, the world's first specialised brand of protective clothing, offering dependable scratch and bite protection for healthcare workers, education professionals, and others working with individuals displaying challenging behaviour. Robert is a widely respected expert in workplace violence and violence prevention. His written work has been published in several international industry leading publications.