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BitePRO® Bite and Cut Resistant Jackets

BitePRO® Bite and Cut Resistant Jackets

BitePRO® bite and cut resistant jackets are made from our very own high-performance cut resistant BitePRO® fabric

Proudly ‘made in Britain’, they effectively reduce the risk of cut, pinch, scratch, and bite injuries.

Our jackets are being worn by a range of professionals coming from the general healthcare and mental healthcare setting, as well as the educational sector i.e. the special educational needs setting.

However, other professionals from the private and homeland security, as well as public transport sector have also come to realise that the jackets’ levels of protection can significantly reduce their risk of suffering from workplace violence related injuries.

Our current jackets models feature a thumbhole, offering an improved fit. This model also benefits from full bite and cut protection to the back of the hand and palm when the thumbhole is used.

They offer outstanding and highly reliable protection for the complete upper body, arms, and neck. The jackets can easily be worn on top of any shirt, blouse, or sweatshirt, and they can be put on or taken off within seconds.

cut bite resistant jackets - front

cut bite resistant jackets - rear

Our cut and bite resistant jackets offer the following benefits:

  • BitePRO® fabric used on the complete jackets, offering outstanding bite, and cut protection
  • Turtleneck stops neck and vertebral arteries from being exposed
  • Zipped front makes this garment very user friendly
  • 100% Latex free

Who Is This Product Suitable For?

  1. Education i.e. Special Educational Needs settings
  2. Professionals working within these sectors:
  3. Healthcare i.e. Mental Health Care and Psychiatric Care Facilities
  4. Private & Homeland Security
  5. Public Transport (when dealing with potentially
  6. Industries i.e. Flat Glass & Sheet Metal workers

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