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BitePRO® Chest Protector

The BitePRO® Team is extremely proud to announce the official launch of our much anticipated ‘Chest Protector*’.

Following an entire year of evaluating customers’ feedback and painstaking research and development, our ‘Chest Protector’ offers extremely comfortable blunt force, impact, bite, pinch and scratch protection to the entire front torso, weighing only 500g (18 oz).

As it is made from an extremely shock absorbing and high compression deflecting foam, it will prevent any injury to any child or vulnerable person causing the violent incident.

During initial wearer trials we have received incredible comments, such as:

  • “Feels comfortable”
  • “Did not limit movement”
  • “Product is comfortable to wear”
  • “During an intervention the product would prevent grabbing of my chest”
  • “Adjustable for all sizes”
  • “Cannot believe how light the product is”
  • “Works really well”
  • “Can be put on and taken off really quickly”

What is ‘blunt force’, and what type of injuries result from it?

Severe injuries and even deaths resulting from blunt force trauma are some of the most common cases encountered by forensic pathologists. For instance, almost all transportation fatalities result from blunt force and its subsequent injuries 'blunt force trauma'.

Blunt force trauma is the consequence faced by many health care professionals, special education teachers and anyone else working with individuals displaying challenging behaviour.

When confronted by a patient, pupil or service user, they might get hit by a solid object, such as a fist, foot, knee, elbow, blunt object, or they might be pushed hard against another solid object i.e. door, wall, floor or down a flight of stairs.

blunt force trauma

According to the book ‘Trauma Surgery’, edited by Ozgur Karcioglu and Hakan Topacoglu, blunt abdominal trauma (BAT) comprises 75% of all blunt trauma and is the most common example of this injury.

The severity of such injury can range in severity from a tiny bruise to internal haemorrhages, bone fractures, airway obstructions, and in the worst-case scenario result in ruptured organs, rapid internal bleeding and ultimately death.

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About the Author

Robert Kaiser is the Founder and CEO of BitePRO®, the world's first specialised brand of protective clothing, offering dependable scratch and bite protection for healthcare workers, education professionals, and others working with individuals displaying challenging behaviour. Robert is a widely respected expert in workplace violence and violence prevention. His written work has been published in several international industry leading publications.