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Your Social Media Comments – THANK YOU

This is not about our bite resistant clothing brand, and not about what we think or how we feel. 

This is about you… our friends, associates and valued customers. 

You who are brave and kind enough to tell us your sometimes very personal and emotional story. Thank you.

These are just a very few comments we wish to share with your fellow colleagues around the world, and other individuals who can associated themselves with your experience. 

J. Dalton

"My autistic son used to bite my arms, stomach and breast area quite badly but when he realised that I when I wore the BitePRO Hoodie he wasn't getting as much of a sensory reaction from me (shouting out in pain) he started dropping to his knees and biting my ankles instead. My daughter and two older sons then clubbed together and surprised me with the BitePRO Trousers on Christmas day. My autistic son is very unpredictable, he's been excluded from his special needs school 3 times due to biting teachers. He is non-verbal ASD with sensory processing disorder and learning difficulties. He's an amazing little boy and the light of our lives but when he's at crisis point his 'fight or flight' mode kicks in and his response is to fight. He doesn't understand what he's doing, he has no awareness of the fact that what he's doing hurts other people, it's just his body’s natural reaction to sensory overload/when he's in pain or when he's frustrated at trying to communicate."

A. Whittemore

“If had tetanus shots because of bites, I had internal bleeding because of bites, I was bitten 8 times in one day by one kid. This is a normal thing in sped, and often times our injuries are blamed on us or overlooked. Still, I wouldn't stop teaching sped, ever.”

K. Mulligan

“After my last bite, where I thought my non-verbal adult with autism had bitten my forearm, and pulled the muscle up, and I thought I was going to lose a chunk of my arm, I am really going to consider your product. I had no idea things like this actually exist!”

D. Mosell

“This is a big concern, because the teacher or staff is put at risk of infection. Due to privacy rights, parents do not have to disclose what pathogens the child may carry. That makes a bite more stressful due to worry, not just the bite itself. Plus, the necessary paperwork of reporting the injury and getting treated. Who has the time for that in the busy teaching day? My heart goes out to these educators!”

A. Allard

“As a para I've been bitten more times than I can count, many times breaking the skin. I've been scratched, punched, kicked, spit on, hit with chairs, stabbed with pencils. But I wouldn't change my job for the world. When you make a breakthrough with a nonverbal ASD student, no matter how small, it makes all the pain disappear. Love my atypical students”

B. Sedgwick

“I was bitten once on the arm by a person in a psychotic state that we were trying to de-escalate using non-threatening and non-contact approaches and I have worked in other residential environments where adults with SMI diagnoses have made motions to bite and we had to adapt our use of personal space to keep safe particularly if patients approached from behind or would appear suddenly out of less visible corners and corridors”

L. Porcu

“When I read the comments like this, I realize how blind humanity is. Unfortunately, there are enough illness which unfortunately force people to bite others (see nursing homes).

J Owens

“I have been bitten. Spat on. Had nipple pinched. Been kicked. Been felt up in a number of creative ways. All by elderly dementia patients.”

E. Gonzales

“I work at a school where human bites are a daily occurrence, but I work with kids with special needs. And honestly, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Its a tough job but so incredibly rewarding. Even when a student is in crisis and the staff get physically injured there’s a form of trust that forms when students can do that and your still willing to care for them and help them it creates a huge impact and an important bond between student and educator. “

K. Johnson

“I have a permanent scar from being bitten. I use it as my reminder of how much these kiddos need us every day. The relationships created with them are priceless! I wouldn't trade my job for anything!”

P. Gurule

“Regrettably, there is still a culture in some schools, particularly where pupils have severe behavioural problems, that being assaulted is all part of the job, but I hope we all agree that no one should ever have to go to work with the expectation of being assaulted. This perception must be part of the past by now?”

As you can imagine, there are many more interesting comments we have received, some of which we can sadly not share due to confidentially agreements.

Please let us thank you very much for sharing above with us.

We believe BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing can be of great help to professionals working within mental health care, special education, nursing or care homes, as well as parents of children who at times display challenging behaviour.

Robert KaiserCEO