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Bite Resistant Arm Guards Can Help Protect Special Needs Parents

Bite Resistant Arm Guards Can Help Protect Special Needs Parents

If you are a special need parent or special educational needs teacher, please be assured BitePRO® Bite Resistant Arm Guards offer outstanding protection, effectively reducing the risk of bite injuries and subsequent infections. They can effectively help protect your forearms, allowing increased engagement and positive outcomes.

We very much understand the sensitivity of this subject, but please be assured we have your safety at heart. 

bite resistant arm guards for special needsOur bite resistant arm guards are extremely user-friendly, comfortable, Latex® free, and they can be worn for an extended amount of time. We have designed different sizes to accommodate both parents and child, and we also offer a number of different designs, subject to your design preference or precise application. They can be worn underneath existing clothing or overtly on top of an existing piece of clothing.

Other very comfortable and tear, scratch and bite resistant clothing covering the torso or legs are also available.

With the risk of getting injured removed, teachers ad well as parents are better able to support the child allow her/him to engage with other children to build their self-confidence and social skills.

Bite Resistant Arm Guards For Special Needs Parents | Why?

Special needs children and other children with autism spectrum disorder can demonstrate self-harming behaviour, especially when frustrated with the tasks involving fine-motor tasks or when the difficulty level of an activity or exercise has risen in complexity.  Sometimes they can also hurt parents or indeed other children pupils. For instance, special needs children have, on many occasions, displayed behaviours such as biting, scratching and pinching.

bite resistant arm guards and clothing

Especially the complex issues of autism can make it rather difficult to pinpoint accurately why these particular incidents occur. Maybe it is due to more than a few reasons, which can range from angst, worries, sensory issues, anxiety, frustration, and sometimes even simple tiredness. Senses can be enhanced or disguised in special needs children with autism, and that in itself would explain many incidents which may occur.

For instance, a child who bangs their head over and over again against a wall. It is frightening and of course self-harming, but in that moment the child will feel very different about it. There is a chance the child might act like this to distract from anxiety or indeed to comfort themselves. Their pain tolerance may be significantly higher than the ‘standard’ neuro-typical person, especially at a time when their sense of physical awareness is masked. 

Biting, scratching, pinching and similar behaviour (such as the just mentioned violent banging of their head) can of course also be directed towards a parent, and whilst there are many techniques that a parent  can use to help and ‘de-escalate’ a situation and address the child’s behaviour appropriately, sometimes such behaviour can be very erratic, and bite resistant arm guards or bite resistant clothing can in such moment be of great benefit and injury preventing for both the parents and in some case even the child.

Do you feel BitePRO® can help you as a parent or teacher, or do you feel a child can benefit from our clothing, ultimately preventing any bite injuries following attempts of ‘self-harming’?

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