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Protecting You From Bite Injuries

Protecting You From Bite Injuries

BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing is a range of comfortable clothing and arm guards, designed to effectively protect you from human bites.

"Working in care homes can come with a certain risk. More and more care home managers, nurses, care assistants and other health care professionals talk to us about the risk of being bitten and reveal details of injuries and subsequent trauma," says BitePRO® Senior Consultant Kayleigh Davis.

Some 71% of care workers claim to have faced both verbal and physical aggression in their jobs, according to a survey by Able Training Support.

The anger, confusion and fear that people with dementia experience can result in aggressive and sometimes violent behaviour, which can put care worker at risk.

We strongly recommend care workers get the right training and care homes get enough staff. This would most likely also reduce high staff turnover. However, the risk of being verbally abused, physically attacked and bitten will always remain.

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BitePRO® Bite Resistant Clothing reduces the level of pain associated to being bitten, the risk of such injuries and prevent subsequent infections as well as psychological trauma. It provides thousands of professionals working within care homes with real 'peace of mind'... and a superb 'safety net'. It also enables them to continue to do the job they are most passionate about... safely.