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See BitePRO® Clothing in Action During a Video Call Demonstration

We want to help ensure that your teams are equipped correctly when faced with behaviours that challenge. After countless conversations with individuals who need this protection, we know how to identify the right BitePRO® garments to suit your needs.

Had a risk assessment and identified the need for additional protection? Just want to learn more about the BitePRO® range? Considering becoming a distributor? Book a video meeting and garment demonstration lasting from 10 minutes to over an hour.

We will give you all the time you need so you know you are investing in the right protection for yourself, your employees, or your customers.

Learn How BitePRO® Clothing can Support Positive Behavioural Techniques

We know that BitePRO® protective clothing is seen as the final line of defence for your team, when positive behavioural techniques are not deescalating the situation fully, and you need to move into physical intervention instead.

However, it is our belief that protective clothing means that staff are empowered to act without feeling the need for physical intervention as soon, reducing instances of restraint.

Find Out Which Garments Will Suit Your Needs

Our garments all offer different levels of coverage and protection. Some are more suited for cases of self-injury over injury to others. Some are suited for light wear where the risk of injuries is less or have additional levels of protection for more difficult cases.

We know that every service user has specific needs according to their individual risk assessments, and we do our best to ensure that our protective garments cater to that. 

The Best Garment Combinations

As you could be wearing BitePRO® clothing for prolonged periods, it’s important that you’re protected without compromising comfort, flexibility, and mobility. During a BitePRO® video meeting, we will discuss the best product combinations to suit your needs.

A Full Introduction to our Range of Armguards

As part of our commitment to meet the multifaceted needs of our customers, we have seven different types of armguards designed to protect according to where you/ the service user experience injuries the most and the individual exhibiting challenging behaviours.

We also discuss the difference between overt and covert wear and why that could be important in your working environment.

Standard vs Additional Protection

Our garments with standard levels of protection are designed so that you are protected from skin breakage, whereas additional protection also defends against bruising. We will help you to identify the level of protection you need, and which style is effective in your circumstances. 

Understand the Longevity of BitePRO® Clothing

We are aware that our garments are an investment, but with a six-month workmanship guarantee, you can expect excellent cost per wear potential over cheaper designs or other materials which have a fraction of the longevity due to intolerance to moisture or poor manufacturing.

As a great example of our product longevity, recently a customer re-ordered a sweatshirt and long johns because the previous garments just weren’t looking their best. This is after constant wear by a service user since November 2014.

In their words: ‘This material did amazingly’, standing up to seven years of laundering and wear.

What You Need to Know From Your Team When Purchasing BitePRO® Clothing

We know that behaviours that challenge can be a sensitive subject, but we will encourage you to discuss the behaviours that your teams are witnessing and experiencing so that you know exactly the kinds of garments you will need to purchase.

We will work with you every step of the way.

What You Need to Include on Internal Requisition / Purchasing Requests

Want to encourage purchasing to buy these garments for your teams? We will help you to persuade purchasing with all the information you will need for your request forms.

Plus, by meeting with us to discuss your needs, we will be able to work with you on any potential savings for larger orders. We will also discuss how we supply internationally and which currencies you can order in.

The Opportunity to Book a Product Trial at Your Site

Whether you’re interested in a product sample or a BitePRO® visit to your location (if based in the UK), we can arrange whatever will be suitable for you.

As we know a lot of our customers are based internationally, our sales team see a video call as a great opportunity to chat out-of-hours with potential customers and distributors.

Become a Reseller or Distributor

Do you want to help us equip frontline care and teachers internationally with BitePRO® clothing? Book a video call to discuss minimum orders, exclusivity terms and learn everything about our unique garments.