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Violence Against Teachers: 17 Alarming Statistics and Headlines

You are a teacher. Every day you stand before young people and try to prepare them for the world. On the surface, your profession does not seem like a risky job.

Unfortunately, education professionals are commonly exposed to abuse and violence in their workplace. Students of all ages commit assaults, create the threat of an assault, or put educators in a position of feeling reasonable fear of an assault. Violence against teachers has become a significant issue in the field of education, in countries around the world.

The Conversation’, a world leading publisher of research-based news and analysis, stated on 16 August 2022 that 10% of US educators were physically assaulted in the previous year.

USA Educators physically assaulted

17 alarming statistics and headlines from around the world

  1. 14% of US school educators feel humiliated by the assaults so much that they don’t share the information with their colleagues. 12% of educators have been traumatized by serious verbal threats and/or physical assaults in the past year. (CaseGuard)
  2. 13% of UK teachers have been physical assaulted by a pupil in the last year. 28% of teachers said they have been subjected to verbal abuse.  (Evening Standards, UK)
  3. 77% of Canadian public elementary teachers in Ontario say they have personally experienced or witnessed violence against a staff member in schools. 42 % of members have suffered a physical injury, illness, or psychological injury/illness as a result of workplace violence against them this school year. (Durham Radio News, USA)

canadian teachers witness violence

  1. Teacher stabbed to death by pupil in France (BBC World News, France)
  2. According to a new survey from the American Psychological Association, one-third of teachers report that they experienced at least one incident of verbal harassment or threat of violence from students during the pandemic. (National Education Association, USA)
  3. Germany sees increase in attacks on teachers. (Deutsche Welle, Germany)
  4. Student Violence Against Teachers Has Become the Norm and That’s NOT Okay. (Bored Teachers, USA)
  5. School principals experience highest rate (75%) of violence and abuse in Australia. (ABC News)
  6. Surprising Israeli statistic emerged: the victims of student abuse – primarily veteran teachers – don't seek help. (Bar-Ilan University. Israel)
  7. New Zealand teachers want action as student assault rates on staff escalate. (Stuff, New Zealand)
  8. Understanding Violence Against Teachers (, USA)

violence abuse in Australian schools

  1. Teachers at risk from special needs students (Moultrie News, USA)
  2. Attacks on special educational needs staff ‘not part of the job’, warns union. (Belfast Telegraph, UK)
  3. SEN teachers ‘are headbutted, spat on and punched - sometimes every day’ (Tes Magazine, UK)
  4. Attacks on teachers and school staff rocket 25% with victims suffering brain damage, amputation and even death. (Mirror, UK)
  5. Threatened and Attacked By Students: When Work Hurts (National Education Association, USA)
  6. Teachers Threatened With Injury or Physically Attacked by Students (National Centre for Education Statistics, USA)

Are you an education professional?

What is your personal experience of aggression and violence at school?

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