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'JW's' Story: ‘I Needed to Protect Myself and My Son’s Self-Esteem’

‘JW’ discusses her experiences of her son exhibiting behaviours that challenge, and how we could help. (Trigger warning: images of cuts/injuries). Header image credit: nicontents . on Unsplash

My teenage son has autism, with related communication and sensory-processing issues. He is a sweet and helpful young man. However, he has outbursts of challenging behaviour due to overload, frustration, and anxiety. He reports that he gets no warning that this is imminent, and that his head feels hot and ‘enters a vortex’ (his typed word).

These events, lasting just seconds, can be out of the blue, despite being able to identify some triggers (usually retrospectively). When this happens, he seems to need to bite into the nearest thing, usually me. He generally goes for my forearm, wrist, or hand.

Maybe my reaction (although I try not to) also contributes to the sensory feedback he gets from grabbing me and biting. He is always shocked and remorseful afterwards.

I need to protect myself... for me and for his self esteem

It is very painful and upsetting for me too, and as the skin is usually broken (through several layers of clothing) can take a long time to heal.

I need to protect myself somehow; for me but also for him/his self-esteem. I searched for bite-proof sleeves and found BitePRO®. I phoned them and spoke to Rachel, who understood my needs exactly and I purchased a shrug and sleeves.

I understand that this will prevent the skin breaking and reduce the chance of infection or scarring. The sleeves are surprisingly comfortable (particularly the shrug for me).

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If you have your own BitePRO® story or just want to share your experiences with behaviours that challenge, please get in touch and see how we can help you.

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