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Bite Resistant Clothing by BitePRO® USA Inc.

Injuries resulting from challenging behavior are becoming increasingly concerning across the US healthcare and education sectors. BitePRO® USA Inc. offers a range of protective clothing to combat this complex occupational hazard and better protect staff. If your staff are facing challenging behavior, their personal safety should not be a compromise.

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Protective Clothing for Challenging Behavior Safety

Healthcare professional wearing BitePRO Version 1 arm guards for bite protection

Enhancing Safety in Healthcare with BitePRO®

As legislative requirements evolve across the USA, with certain states now mandating Workplace Violence Prevention Plans, BitePRO® USA Inc. offers a proactive solution for healthcare organizations aiming to enhance staff safety and strengthen safety protocols.

BitePRO® USA Inc. Protective Clothing range is meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare environments, offering protection and peace of mind for healthcare staff.

Tick Icon  Strengthen Workplace Violence Prevention Plans: Implement protective wear that integrates seamlessly into your existing safety measures.

Tick Icon  Increase Crisis Response Preparation: Equip your team with rapidly deployable protection for enhanced response to patient crises.

Tick Icon  Safer Staffing by Reducing Injuries from Challenging Behavior: Minimize the risk of injury from bites and scratches, supporting a safer, more focused workforce.

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Increasing Teacher Safety in Special Education with BitePRO®

In special education, educators and support staff encounter unique challenges as a result of challenging behavior that is exhibited by some children with special needs. BitePRO® USA Inc. Protective Clothing offers safety solutions that address the needs of educators working with students exhibiting challenging behaviors.

Tick Icon  Reduce Injuries from Challenging Behavior: BitePRO® equips educators with protective clothing designed to mitigate the risk of common injuries seen in special education.

Tick Icon  Comfortable Protection for Educators: BitePRO® offers protective wear that is both effective and comfortable, ideal for educators unaccustomed to wearing protective clothing.

Tick Icon  Enhance Organizational Reputation and Teacher Well-being: By prioritizing the safety of its staff with BitePRO® clothing, educational institutions can help improve staff retention and organizational reputation.

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Special Education teacher wearing bitepro arm guards in a classroom


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