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BitePRO Report Record Sales Of Bite Resistant Clothing Due To Increasing Violence In Schools

  • International Press Release (12 January 2021)

British bite resistant clothing producer BitePRO® have once again reported record sales, as violence against teachers and other educational professionals continues to be a regular occurrence in schools around the world.

Finding accurate violence against teachers’ statistics seems to be practically impossible simply due to the contrasting ways in which violent incidents are recorded. However, in all instances where consistent statistics exist, these indicate a clear increase in physical attacks on teachers by students.

The American National Center for Education Statistics 2019 report estimates 962,300 violent incidents.

Online publication ‘Schools Week’ reported that assaults on school premises in the UK have soared 72% in the four years up to 2019.

In 2019 extensive research has been carried out by the American Psychological Association (APA), the National Education Association (NEA), and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). The survey found that 25% had been the victims of physical abuse or violence, 20% had experienced threats of physical violence.

BitePRO® Senior Consultant Rachel Riding states: 

“As part of our own recent international survey, 95% of participants confirmed they had experience of dealing with biting, scratching or pinching behaviour in the workplace, and 89% had personally such type of injury as part of their role.”

The majority of survey participants came from the educational and healthcare sector.

BitePRO® CEO Robert Kaiser comments: 

“Those charged with ensuring the health and safety of education professionals have a legal duty, through the risk assessment processes, to examine workplace hazards, identify those at risk and take measures to control those risks.”

“We know a lot about the phenomenon of school violence and the subsequent injuries teachers suffer from.  We also understand that comfortable protective clothing, preventing human bites or other injuries is an effective way of mitigating that risk.”

Several other reports have concluded that too many teachers have had their careers ended prematurely and their professional lives ruined as a result of violent incidents at work causing significant long-term physical and psychological injuries, including stress, anxiety and depression.

British firm BitePRO® claim that 83% of their survey participants confirmed the number of injuries had been reduced since wearing bite resistant clothing.

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